Pendant Lights in Your Space

In most homes, lighting each room is essential, and the fixture itself can bring so much personality to the space. Whether you’re redesigning a room or just giving it a small upgrade, pendant lighting is a key design feature that you should have fun with, and the size, shape, and color can add different elements to the feel and energy of each environment! We offer quite a few services here at The Light Center, but lighting is our bread and butter. Without further ado, here are some of our thoughts on pendant lights!

Oversized vs. Mini – Which Do You Choose?

While some may opt for a subtle, smaller pendant light fixture, others may want the lighting to be the main event. Both options are fantastic, but the space you’re designing may call for one or the other (depending on what you truly want). At The Light Center, we are passionate about offering you all kinds of options for pendant lighting, so our selection is wide to help you bring exactly what you want into your home. 

Mini pendant lights may draw more attention to your furniture, colors, and hardware, and the light fixture may act as a supporting character. A simpler option with a small pendant gives the center of your room cleaner lines and ultimately highlights other design choices. When choosing a piece of decor, it helps to pay attention to the lighting you see in other people’s homes or read up on interior design articles. Those can inform your own design preferences. However, one thing to keep in mind when choosing a pendant light is that cost doesn’t necessarily increase with size. Some think a mini pendant light will usually be cheaper than a large pendant, but the truth is that prices vary by brand, material, etc. 

If you’re opting for larger pendant lights, whichever light fixture you choose will be more of a statement. Sometimes when choosing a large chandelier or a billowing light fixture, the characteristics of the pendant light will complement other aspects of the room. If your room is full of sharp angles or geometric influences, a large pendant light with clear lines can tie the whole room together. On the other hand, let’s say your room plays on softer, more neutral colors and romantic features; a large pendant light that brings a sort of airiness might be just what the room needs. 

It’s All About Balance & Flexibility

No matter what size you choose, pendant lighting can elongate a room by utilizing the center, floating space. Balance is usually the common goal, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing a mini pendant light versus an oversized pendant light. A large pendant light in a smaller space runs the risk of making an area feel tighter than it truly is, or it can maximize the space! Sifting through any and all pendant lights you can find and visualizing your options, either through software or just with a classic pencil and paper, can help you decide what will work the best, but the importance of lighting in a space is irrefutable. 

Because there are so many options out there, you can play with color, shape, multi-bulb versus singular bulb, and more. The only requirement is that you choose something that you feel fits you and your style. Even if you’re not decorating or designing a full room, this one simple upgrade can make a world of difference. Plus, if you design choices shift in later years, lighting is easily replaced (be sure to read up on the process first if you’re doing it yourself), so don’t feel like you need to choose pendant lights to love for the rest of time. Book a consultation with a lighting expert today to find the right pendant light for your space!

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