The Light Center Fort Collins Showroom

The Light Center has been serving Northern Colorado for over 50 years, and our experience is why our customers keep coming back. Our co-founders, Larry Edwards and Jennifer Edwards Johnson, created The Light Center to be Colorado’s number one store for all of your light fixture needs plus much more. We employ the top experts, designers, interior consultants and more in the lighting industry for all residential and commercial spaces. Beyond lights, we also have home decor and furniture from our own brand, The Salt Market. The Light Center truly is your one-stop shop to bring the home of your dreams to life! 

Light Fixtures

Lighting – it’s what we do best! Our 13,000 sqft showroom in Fort Collins is lined from floor to ceiling with our favorite products, brands, and styles. We like for our clients to be able to see the lights in person rather than just online. You can get a much better feel for the actual textures, finishes, and scale, which are all very important elements when choosing a light fixture. 

With over 400 different product lines to choose from, we promise we can help you find the perfect light. Our brands range from very affordable to luxury lines, but we only carry quality products that we trust. Some of our favorites include Hinkley Lighting, Modern Forms, Hubbardton Forge, Kichler, Four Hands, Ellen Degeneres by Loloi, and many more.

Our soon-to-be renovated and improved lighting lab offers you a chance to test different light options in person. Light colors and tones can be difficult to pick out without seeing how they perform in natural light. Not to mention, different bulb types can look very different as well. Being able to try a variety of bulbs and compare them gives you the peace of mind you are making the best choice for your space!

Stop by our showroom today and see why the Light Center is the best store to find your light fixtures!

Residential Services

One of our main goals is to provide all of our clients with the best customer experience. We have a team of experts ready to assist you in finding great lights and solutions. Sometimes it’s hard to envision what pieces would look best in your space, so meet with our expert residential team and let them help you! We will walk you through choosing a style, measuring the space, and give you plenty of options to fit your budget. Our team can assist you with everything from choosing the right fan for your ceiling height to ordering custom made fixtures. 

If you would prefer a more hands-off option, we also love working directly with interior designers. We can collaborate on a custom light plan that fits any existing aesthetics and styles without you having to do anything!

Whether you are building a new home from the ground up or just need to update a few pieces, our team would love to be a part of your process. Schedule a consultation today!

Commercial Services

We don’t just design lights for homes, we do commercial spaces, too! In fact, we have a whole team of experts dedicated just for our commercial projects. We meet with builders, contractors, electricians, and designers to make the lighting process as seamless as possible. Our commercial expertise includes restaurants, schools, spas, parking lots, offices, and much more. 

In major commercial projects, you can run into many issues and have very specific lighting needs depending on the industry. Our team is ready to dive into these problems with you and find affordable and innovative solutions. We love being challenged to think outside the box and create unique results!

Beyond Lights

Over the years, we realized there was a need for a quality, well-curated home decor and furniture brand in Northern Colorado. We launched Salt Market as a sister brand for all your non-lighting home interior needs! There are plenty of rugs, lamps, decor items, art, and furniture pieces to complete your home. All of our items are picked to complement our lighting brands so you can be sure to have a cohesive, well-designed, and beautiful space to call yours! 

Many of our Salt Market pieces are available in our showroom. You are always welcome to stop by, shop for a friend, or treat yourself to something new! 

Our passion for lights extends way beyond the actual fixtures! It brings us so much joy to work with our clients, build relationships, and help you find perfect pieces. We believe finding lighting solutions and decorating your space should be a fun and easy process, and we are here to help you through it all! 

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