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Full-Service Lighting Expertise

The Light Center focuses on creating personalized lighting packages and finding solutions that meet the unique design, code, maintenance, and technical specifications of each of our clients.

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Lighting Designers

lighting designers

Our highly skilled team are passionate about creating captivating lighting designs that elevate the ambiance and functionality of any space.

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Technical Experts

technical experts

Our team possess a deep understanding of lighting technologies and the expertise to handle complex lighting installations with precision!

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Lighting Installation

lighting installation

We are proud to offer lighting installations throughout Northern CO, to bring the best lighting solutions to homes and businesses in the region.

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On-Site Lighting Consultations

Our team of certified lighting designers are happy to visit your home or business to assess your lighting needs and provide expert recommendations tailored to your space.

With this service, you can now get a personalized lighting design plan that matches your style, preferences, and budget.

Whether you want to update your current lighting fixtures, install new ones, or create a unique lighting scheme, we are here to help. We understand that finding the right lighting can be overwhelming, but with our on-site consultations, we make the process easy and stress-free!

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