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Luxury Home Décor & Furniture

Salt Market is an in-house luxury brand brought to you by The Light Center.

Salt Market is a beautiful balance of function, aesthetics, and personal style. We have curated and sourced the most unique home finds – ranging from high-end furniture, artwork, rugs, unique gifts, and decor for the style-conscious home. 

In the same way, lighting is the frosting on the cake for your home, we believe furnishings and decor are the final details that bring it to life. This is why we found a beautiful relationship between lighting and furnishings and we wanted to bring unique options to the Northern CO landscape.


Why "Salt"?

We love feeling grounded and earth-centered and “Salt Market” just fit. Inside our showroom, we strive to bring you some of the most unique finds from around the world. Our collection of unique finds from small artisans and creators creates this one-of-a-kind market to Northern Colorado. The key is to find what speaks to your soul and design it in a way that is truly YOU!

Furnishing + Decor Consultations

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