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At The Light Center in Fort Collins, we love helping people find new lighting options for their home. People often come into our showroom, looking for a particular light for their bathroom or their bedroom. Our staff is always ready to help however they can, and we can show you light fixtures by room, making it easy to choose the option that will look best in your space, no matter if you’re shopping for your kitchen, your office, or your living room.

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Living Room

Recessed lighting and pendant lighting in a bright and cozy basement

The living room serves a variety of purposes, from conversation area to playspace. It may be where you have your entertainment area, and there could be a piano or fireplace in the room as well. When lighting the living room, it’s good to think of each area within the space and what it’s used for. From there, you can pick out lamps, sconces, overhead lights, and more.

For example, your sitting area could likely benefit from new table and floor lamps. These moveable fixtures make it easy to rearrange your lighting whenever you rearrange your couches and chairs. For the kids’ play area, you might have a table for puzzles and games, and an overhead pendant can be a great lighting choice. No matter which area you’re focusing on in the living room, the right lighting can make it more inviting!


The bathroom is a very important part of the house. Whether you have one bathroom or several, it’s essential for each space to have the right lighting.

When it comes to the master bathroom, you want the space to feel large and luxurious, and that can be accomplished with wall sconces for the vanity, a mini chandelier for ceiling, and dimmable recessed lights for the shower and tub area. With the right mixture of task, accent, and ambient lighting, your bathroom will transform before your eyes. If you’re going to be lighting a guest bath or powder room in your home, we can help you find new lights for those spaces as well. While not as large as your master bath, these bathrooms also deserve the best when it comes to lighting design.


Elegant bedroom chandelier that makes a statement

Your bedroom is a place of quiet and relaxation. You spend time in the space reading before bed or sleeping in on a Saturday.

When it comes to lighting, everything needs to feel right and function correctly, in order to achieve that comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. The bedside lamps are perhaps the most important fixtures in the room, as they are used nearly every day. The overhead light can be a ceiling fan, a semi-flush mount fixture, or even a small chandelier or pendant. Sconces and other accent lights can help illuminate the room as well, and putting these fixtures on dimmers can help you set the appropriate mood based on time of day or how you’re feeling at the moment.

Dining Room

The dining room is only used as an actual dining space a few times per year, such as during the holidays. However, there’s no reason why the room can’t have beautiful lighting all year long!

Everything begins with the dining room chandelier. This fixture is the focal point of the room, and it can inform every other design decision you make regarding the space. The chandelier needs to be the right size for the room, and it should hang no less than 30 inches from the top of the table. The other lights, such as the wall sconces and lamps, should match the chandelier’s design, while also providing task and accent lighting for the space.

Contemporary pendant lighting for the dining room at The Light Center, Fort Collins


The kitchen is where you cook delicious meals, where friends gather during parties, and where you and your family congregate on evenings and weekends. It can be the center of activity in your home, and when it comes to lighting, it’s important to have fixtures for every area.

You might be shopping for new island pendants, since that’s where you serve hors d’oeuvres, help the kids with their homework, and much more. Island lighting can be a main source of illumination, but another ceiling fixture might be necessary, such as a flush-mount option. For the countertops, it’s best to invest in under-cabinet lighting, so you can see as you prepare ingredients for each meal. Finally, recessed lights can also be a good addition, as they will spread light throughout the kitchen.

Entry + Foyer

You want people to feel welcome when they enter your home, and a great way to ensure that is to have the right entryway lighting. Your entry or foyer should be bright and inviting, no matter how big or small the space is. A flush or semi-flush light can be perfect for entries with standard-height ceilings. If you have a two-story foyer, then installing a chandelier can be the best way to brighten the space.

Adding lamps, mirrors, and other touches can make the entry feel bigger than it actually is, and should give people a positive first impression of your home. Above all, you want people to feel right at home the moment they step through the front door.


bold Ceiling Fan fixture in home office space

Working from home is more common these days, and you may have a home office setup that you absolutely love. If you’re just getting started on arranging your home workspace, then it’s important that you have the right lighting. From the desk lamp to the overhead light, everything plays a part in productivity and efficiency.

Something to keep in mind for home office lighting is that color temperature is key. Office lights need to be bright, but the color temperature of the bulbs you use is what helps eliminate eye strain and fatigue. Our team can help you find the right fixtures and bulbs, ensuring that your office is designed for optimal workflow.


Lighting a hallway can be challenging, since you have a long, narrow space with which to work. Depending on the length of the hallway, you can add ceiling fixtures every eight to 10 feet, ensuring there’s plenty of light. If the space is wide enough, you can install wall sconces in the spaces between the ceiling lights, adding even more illumination. Be sure to measure accurately, however, as you don’t want people bumping into the sconces as they walk down the hall.

If the hallway leads to a staircase, or there are several adjoining rooms connected to the corridor, then it’s imperative that there are lighting controls at both ends of the hall. That way, you can turn the lights on or off as you enter or exit the hallway!

Outdoor Spaces

Your outdoor lighting includes everything from your porch lights to the lanterns hung around your backyard deck. These lights are intended to provide the perfect ambience for entertaining, as well as make sure your property is safe and secure. Updating outdoor lights can be challenging, but when you break it down into each area, the process should become much easier.

For your front yard, think about what you want to accentuate on your home. Does your house have unique features that could be highlighted by the proper landscape lighting? Do you want to add a post light next to your front sidewalk? For the backyard, the emphasis should be on making the space comfortable, with step lights, deck fixtures, and much more. You can also install motion sensor lights and spotlights for safety and security purposes.

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