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Even if you live, work, or play in an area with central heating and air conditioning, you know that a good ceiling fan for your space is a summer essential. A good fan or cooling system can help balance out seasonal shifts by circulating air around your space to keep you comfy no matter what the weather is doing outside.

There is nothing better than feeling the gentle breeze from a quiet fan on a hot day or cool air blowing from an evaporative cooler.

Before you start shopping for a new fan or evaporative cooler, you should know that not all cooling systems are created equal. There are many factors to consider when deciding which one is right for your home or commercial space. You will want to consider air circulation, noise reduction, energy consumption, as well as style and design. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite designs out there right now—and they all come with big benefits besides just being stylish. We created this guide to help you choose which fan is right for your home, restaurant, retail space, or industrial location.

One of our favorite industry-leading partners at The Light Center is Big Ass Fans. Both their commercial and residential fans feature iconic designs and cutting-edge technology.

Take a look at these stylish favorites from Big Ass Fans. 

We love the Haiku Collection as a great designer option. These fans add to the beauty of any space with premium materials, multiple finish options, and cutting-edge smart home technology. Haiku ceiling fans feature dimmable LED lights, whisper-quiet, energy-efficient airflow, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, a mobile app and voice control.

If you are looking for a modern ceiling fan without lights that are durable and stylish, we recommend the i6 collection. These fans are made with the same premium materials as industrial-sized fans and engineered for optimum performance and durability. The i6 features virtually silent airflow, an array of automated controls and custom options, and an elegant design that looks amazing in homes, patios, restaurants, fitness centers, and public venues. 

For larger spaces consider Big Ass Fans’ Evaporative Cooling Systems. 

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, use water evaporation to reduce temperatures without consuming large amounts of energy. These eco-friendly options can provide cooling solutions for up to 6,500 square feet. 

On the more portable side, the Cool-Space 200 from Big Ass Fans has an 8-gallon water reservoir which provides three hours of uninterrupted operation on a single fill. It also features a variable-speed control motor, UV-resistant, roto-molded, polyethylene housing and a stackable design to optimize cooling with multiple units while saving floorspace. 

Today’s cooling systems and ceiling fans are no longer just functional items; they are also decorative pieces that can help you save on electricity costs. That heat is on and now that you know some of the best cooling systems for summer, it’s time to get one! Reach out to book a consultation at The Light Center today. 

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