outdoor light fixture on backyard patio

It’s no secret that we all spend mass amounts of time planning, designing, and decorating the interiors of our homes; but what about your home’s exterior? Creating a comfortable, inviting, and functional atmosphere in your home’s outdoor spaces is simpler than it may seem and can be accomplished by incorporating high quality lighting and fixtures. 

So, what fixture is best for your outdoor space? We’ve pulled together a collection of lighting styles and fixture types to help guide you through selecting your own perfect outdoor lighting! 

outdoor hanging lights

Outdoor Hanging Lights

For covered outdoor patios, hanging lights or pendants are a must! These are single lights or small light clusters that are mounted from the ceiling and hang over a covered seating or lounging area. Perfect for adding extra centralized light to outdoor areas, pendants can be used alone or hang a several in a given area for even more distributed lighting! To make your patio stand out, try finding a statement pendant that adds subtle yet unique visual interest to your outdoor space like this gorgeous black and gold pendant from Troy Lighting. 

outdoor chandelier

Outdoor Chandeliers

Any covered outdoor dining area is just begging for a statement outdoor chandelier to make it pop! Not only do outdoor chandeliers add extra lighting, they also highlight your outdoor dining furniture and can act as a focal point in and of themselves. Hang an outdoor chandelier centered over your dining table to create a warm and inviting ambiance where guests will want to linger all night long. One important aspect to consider when selecting an outdoor chandelier is the size and shape that will complement your dining furniture. Try to select a fixture that’s about ⅓ of the length of your table, and feel free to get creative mixing circular chandeliers over rectangular tables and vice-versa! Grab the pictured outdoor chandelier and others like it at our online store!

landscape lightingLandscape Lighting

Draw attention to your garden, landscaping, and walkways with strategically-placed landscape lighting! From small path lights to larger outdoor posts, landscape lighting provides your guests with a warm welcome and memorable exit as they come to and from your home. If your house is set back away from the street or located outside of a city, landscape lighting is particularly useful to highlight your entire property and add extra security to your home by lighting up areas where street lights don’t reach. Consider adding lights to the path leading to your front door, at the entrance to your driveway as pictured above, or around the perimeter of your property. A little goes a long way with landscape lighting, so even small touches can make a big impact!

outdoor sconces

Outdoor Sconces

Don’t quite have the overhead space for a hanging light fixture? No problem! Add an outdoor wall sconce to get extra lighting without taking up space. Outdoor sconces can be mounted to walls, pillars, or doorways to provide a little extra flair to outdoor areas. To make your space feel cohesive, select a sconce with the same type of metal or finish as other items in the space, such as doors, hardware, or accent furniture. 

(Love the outdoor sconces pictured above as much as we do? You can grab either of them at our online shop! Check out the sconces framing the doors on the left or the porch sconce on the right.)

security lights

Outdoor Spotlights

Who says home security has to be boring? Outdoor spotlights and security lights add an extra level of protection to your home, but can also add an extra level of style when done correctly! The days of those big, bulky flood lights are over; pick a spotlight that matches your home’s exterior and other fixtures, hook it up to a motion sensor, and voila – you’ve got a security light that adds to your home’s appearance rather than distracts from it! Shop around to find a style that blends well with your home’s aesthetic.

outdoor fans

Outdoor Fans

Outdoor fans are downright game-changers for those hot summer afternoons! Even as the temperatures are rising, you can stay cool by adding a ceiling fan to your covered porch or patio. Outdoor fans help circulate airflow, add a nice cool breeze on the hottest days, and bonus: they can help keep the bugs away too! Many outdoor fans also come with lights mounted in the center of the blades, making the transition from afternoon to nighttime out on the patio even easier. 

The possibilities to spruce up your outdoor space are endless with high-quality outdoor lighting solutions! If you need help selecting an outdoor fixture that’s right for your space, our team is ready and able to help. Connect with one of our lighting experts or shop around online to start dreaming up your ideal outdoor living space. 

So, what outdoor light fixtures are the perfect fit for your space? If you have ideas buzzing around your head but need help bringing your vision to life, we’re here to help! Send us a message to connect with one of our lighting experts and start planning out your dream outdoor space!

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