Motion Sensor Lighting

Selecting the right motion sensor lighting for your space 

A home that is well lit at night offers added security and peace of mind for homeowners. Installing motion sensor lights outside your home is a great way to easily welcome friends and family with a well-lit path while deterring unwanted visitors. Likewise, interior motion sensor lights can easily brighten small spaces and hard-to-see areas inside the home. 

Motion sensor lights come on once they detect motion, such as someone coming up a walkway or entering a closet, and then turn off shortly after no activity. In addition to their convenience, motion sensor lights can also save on electric costs by eliminating occasions when an outside light or closet light was forgotten about and stayed on for hours.  

Fortunately, today’s motion sensor lights provide the comfort you are looking for without sacrificing style for dependability. So, how do you choose the best motion sensor lighting to brighten your home and elevate your style? At The Light Center we are all about finding you the perfect lighting solutions. In this guide, we will walk you through our most popular motion sensor lighting systems and the features of each. 

Dualux® dual-level lights by Vaxcel

If you are looking for decorative motion sensor lights that enhance the beauty and safety of your home, we recommend Dualax® outdoor lighting made by Vaxcel. Dualax® lights control the brightness of your home’s exterior automatically by being brighter at dusk, dimmer at night, and brightening instantly when it detects motion. With a wide range of lantern wall-mounted designs, you will find a light that fits right into your home’s aesthetic while providing the safety you are seeking. View our store for a wide selection of Vaxcel lighting and Dualax® dual-level motion sensor lights. 

Motion Sensor Solar Lights by Gama Sonic

Gama Sonic is another great brand if you are looking for exterior motion sensor lights. They offer a wide range of residential and commercial motion sensor lights that are all solar powered. With no electrical wiring required, these lights are very easy to install. Gama Sonic is known for their upscale, durable, and bright lights, but they also offer more industrial options designed for security purposes. These lights are perfect for lighting up entrances, driveways, or building walkways while being energy efficient. View our full range of outdoor lighting. 

Motion sensor lights are an excellent way to improve the safety of your property. Choosing the right motion sensor lighting for your home can depend on the needs of your space, the light positioning capabilities, and electrical requirements. Visit our online store or meet with one of The Light Center’s experts to determine which light is best for your home!

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