More people than ever before are working from the comfort of their homes, which means less commuting, more time with family, better work-life balance, etc., for many individuals worldwide! But with the influx of remote workers and all of those added benefits also comes the need for adequate workspace.

While some that work from home choose to bounce around between coffee shops and different spots throughout their house, others need a designated space equipped with all the necessary office equipment. If you’re in this category, then you know how important it is for your work space to be well-lit! Even if you have natural light pouring in, a light fixture for your home office can add personality and brighten the space when you need to knock out those daily tasks. So today, we’re breaking down a few home office ideas that can help you make the most of the space you’re working with! 

The Best Light for Your Office

We’ve talked in previous blogs about different types of fixtures (i.e. pendant lights, track lights, etc.), but given that a home office will be utilized primarily by you, it’s ultimately important to choose something that will encourage your sense of focus and calm. We all know that our jobs can be stressful, and lighting has a huge impact on our emotions and the atmosphere of a space. Warm lighting will set a more relaxed tone, while cool lighting might keep you a little more alert and productive. Having a few options can be your best bet depending on the time of day or the kind of work you’re doing in your office. In fact, finding that sweet spot is made even easier with the evolution of smart lighting. With smart lights, you have complete control of the atmosphere’s features right at your fingertips to adjust color temperature, brightness level, and more through an app on your phone. So you’ll always have options depending on your mood, workload, productivity level, and more! 

When searching for home office ideas, you might find that the options are overwhelming, so here are a few main principles to stick to when picking a fixture. Aesthetically, your main fixture should suit the size and height of the space.  If you’re working with a larger space and tall ceilings, you can get a little more creative with larger fixtures such as chandeliers or pendant pieces. If your home office space is on the smaller side with average ceilings, you might want to opt for a flush or semi-flush mount. No matter what you choose, play around with the hues and colors that begin to form as your furniture, paint, and decor all come together. Your work from home setup is meant to serve you and your professional needs, so pay attention to how small changes make you feel! 

Organizing Your Space

Our work spaces can often become cluttered and busy, just like our inboxes and chat channels, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re in need of a little organizational refresh, let this be your sign to take one step in that direction!

First, let’s take a look at your furniture. Is it multi-functional? Does your desk have ample storage for you to place office supplies and necessary equipment? If so, does that storage allow you to keep the surface of the desk clean and free from clutter? If not, it may be time to invest in some additional storage. Having equipment, paper, and supplies scattered around can be distracting. If your desk doesn’t have storage space, maybe invest in a bookshelf or a console that can sit against an opposite wall. Functionality is key, and The Light Center has a wide selection of aesthetically-pleasing storage, shelving, and functional office furniture to help you accomplish this in your space! And don’t be afraid to search for home office ideas on sites like Pinterest or our very own Light Center website to explore how other people style their space. 

Another organization tip is to create a system that works for you to file your documents after purging the documents that you no longer need. Label makers are a great resource to begin marking different categories and a sturdy filing cabinet can house them. The hardest step is always beginning the process, but once you start, it can really refresh your office space! 

Need Some Help Organizing?

If organizing feels like a monumental task, you don’t have to do it alone! Fort Collins, CO has a collection of really talented professional organizers, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some help with your home office. Some of these organizers include Organizing By AJ, Happy Home Organizing, Welcome Home Organizing, Staging & Feng Shui, and Morganize with Me

And as always, if you need some fixture input/installation or personalized home office ideas for your space, the Light Center is here to help! Book a

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