Hallway Lighting from The Light Center Fort Collins

At the Light Center we have a saying, “Lighting is everything.” With all the capabilities that technology has to offer, lighting is at the top of our cannot live without list. Legrand is a brand we carry, and they have worked hard to think outside of the box in order to make all of our lighting easy to use and oh so useful. Adorne by Legrand is a built-in hallway light, imagine a flush night light. Installing the portable night light is easy, it goes straight into an existing outlet and provides low lighting at night, very helpful for those late-night trips to the kitchen where you don’t want to trip over anything but aren’t wanting to grab a flashlight or turn on the full overhead light.

The design is impeccable, not only do they light the hallways at night, the light itself is a rechargeable flashlight, simply push on the square box and it pops out charged and ready to go. The nightlight is now a child friendly or adult friendly flashlight! Very handy and great in case of emergency. Take that maglite! A flashlight that is always handy is the best flashlight I can imagine. 


This is useful in a handful of scenarios but one that comes to mind, is for a late-night reading session for those littles, yours or grandkids. Or maybe in an emergency, the power has temporarily gone out and you want to check the breakers. Just turn it on, push on it, and it pops right out to be used as a mini flashlight. The Legrand hall Adorne light  has five stars on the Legrand website! 


Sweet Dreams blogger shows her daughter using it in the adorable video below; 


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