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We know an incredible amount of people have switched their office and classroom set-ups to be housed inside their homes. Dressers, bedroom corners, and kitchen tables are now multi-purpose. While we believe a well-established workspace can lead to higher levels of productivity, we have to share something even more important – your lighting. Lighting directly impacts our circadian rhythms, our mood, and our productivity. While we are the first one to spring for that beautiful new desk, we also know that without the right lighting that desk will have very little impact on your workflow. 

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Here are the top 5 things to consider for your at-home classroom and office: 

1. Location, Location: You may have started out your work from home journey fitting your desk somewhere in a dark corner, only to realize after a couple of weeks that you’ve strained your eyes and you’re getting constant headaches. Or you’re working at your kitchen table with the light streaming in behind you and you find the daily glare super distracting.

One thing is for sure, location is everything. Your main light source should be in front of you so as not to cast any shadows. But your task lighting should take up residence on whichever side is your non-dominant hand. Your hand can cast shadows while you write, to avoid this the light should be coming from the opposite side. 

2. Indirect Light is Key! Lighting that is coming from an overhead source can be harsh, cause headaches, and affect your overall mood. Indirect lighting is ideal. Anything that can diffuse the light source like a lampshade or an upward facing floor lamp that will bounce light off of the walls and ceiling. The goal is to illuminate the entire space while avoiding shadows and harsh glare. 

3. Add Light to Every Zone: If you have a larger workspace or one that is spread out, it is important to have lighting in every zone that you spend time in; from your filing cabinet to your stand-up desk and writing area. 

Today, it’s also commonplace to mix workspaces – the kid’s school zone may now be combined with your office. Make sure that you have a task light for each area so that everyone is getting adequate workspace lighting.

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4. A Flexible Space Needs Flexible Lighting: If you feel like your workspace is only temporary or you’d like to find an all-in-one option instead of having to purchase multiple lamps, an adjustable floor lamp might be the best option. These lights allow you to focus on a certain task or swing it out of the way when not in use. They are also pretty light in weight, so if you need to move your workplace at a moment’s notice you can take the light with you!

5. The Genius of Multi-Purpose: Nothing is worse than running out of outlet space when you need to utilize multiple devices at a time. Some of our favorite desk lamps actually come with an electrical outlet and USB plug. To take it one step further others even allow you to change the hue of the light based upon the type of task you are completing – from reading to relaxation. If space is limited, this type of lamp is one of our favorite finds!

If it’s time to update your home office or home classroom’s lighting for the sake of productivity and functionality, schedule a design consultation with one of our lighting experts or visit us in-store! We’ll help set up your space so you can stay on-task and productive no matter where your work station may be.

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