Holiday Lights and Decor For Your Home This Season

The holiday season is often one of joy and warmth, and decor is one of the best ways to display that cheer! Whether you’re a fan of bringing in all the colors or tend toward a cleaner, more minimalistic look, holiday lights and holiday home decor will help you spruce up your home, both inside and out. So today we’re breaking down a few ways to bring the holidays into your home with lighting, decor, and furniture. 

Holiday Lights Are a Must 

Holiday lights strung from the edges of your home are sure to make your neighbors smile and they bring such a warm glow to a dim street. Even more than this, controlling outdoor lights from inside can be made even easier if you opt for LED lights that can be managed right from your phone. We know you’re not always going to be home, so switch over to phone-controlled holiday lights this year if you want ease of access from anywhere you are. 

We know it can be a hassle to bring out a ladder and carefully trapeze the roof to string holiday lights, so if you’re not interested in scaling the roof, there are other ways for you to dress up your home’s exterior. You can add solar pathway lighting to welcome guests to your front door and still brighten your lawn or even switch out exterior light bulbs for colorful ones. Stringing lights along the house can be a huge undertaking, so we don’t blame you if you want to decorate with your feet firmly placed on the ground this year. 

Holiday lights can make their way inside as well if you’re looking to bring that glowy vibe to the interior of your home. Use those same LED, phone-controlled string lights to line a doorway near the entrance, the mantle where your stockings are hung, or thread them through the branches of your Christmas tree. And the color that you choose is up to you! Colorful lights will certainly give your place that spark of joy and flair, white lights will offer a cleaner, sometimes more organized look, and yellow/cream lights will soften up the space with a warm glow. Satco Starfish is a great place to get a feel for what you like and their products are always top-notch! 

Deck the Halls with Decor 

Holiday lights are just one element of the holidays…home decor is another altogether! Finding the right holiday home decor can take some research and time. You can browse online for ideas on Pinterest or Instagram before shopping. If mixing and matching is more your style, that’s okay too, but you’ll want to find pillows, throws, and decorations that can last a few years and still fit your overall aesthetic. Salt Market has a ton of phenomenal and unique options for decor, and the nice thing about these pieces is that some can be used year-round. For example, if you want to incorporate Christmas colors into your home but would rather opt for a more subtle palette, try adding in some muted pillows, like this green one. However you choose to decorate your home, The Light Center’s showroom is a great place to spark some inspiration! 

Decorating Can Sometimes Inspire Change

As we get into the spirit and revamp our homes for the holidays by putting up lights and decor and moving things around, it can sometimes offer a fresh perspective on your space. Let’s say you moved a chair into another room to make space for your Christmas tree and now like it better in its new spot – work with those new ideas! Maybe that chair just isn’t a good fit or you’re ready for a bigger change than simply decorating for the holidays. The Light Center has some amazing in-stock furniture options that can breathe life into your freshly-decorated space – no waiting or freight shenanigans! 

The holidays are a time for giving as well, so consider gifting someone special in your life a new lamp that can brighten up their home or replace that couch that they’ve had since college. Whatever the change may be, welcome it with open arms this season. 

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