Glass Chandelier

As home decor evolves and shifts worldwide, it’s common for popular trends to lead the industry. While many designers and decorators will stick with tried-and-true classics, some prefer to venture out and push the boundaries in small and big spaces. One of the best places to begin is with the chandelier.

No matter what style you’re emulating when designing and decorating, you’ll want to consider the chandelier carefully. It’s not just the heart of your space, the beating centerpiece which will draw eyes and illuminate; it will also bring personality (yours, specifically) and you’ll need to know your options to do just that. So when you’re on the prowl across the internet for “chandeliers near me,” keep an eye out for these four trending types of chandeliers. 

Plaster Chandeliers

A lot of homeowners these days are playing with vivid colors and painting the walls and surfaces of their home with a wide variety of shades to really capture that maximalist aesthetic, but classic white walls or minimalist vibes with clean lines will never become irrelevant. If you’re the kind of person that wants to bring some texture into your home while still embracing the cleaner aesthetic, white plaster chandeliers are a gorgeous choice.

Plaster heightens the look of a classic white chandelier, and these Hudson Valley pieces are hard to beat. With simplistic geometric shapes and billowing multi-bulb shades, Hudson Valley encompasses all that you might want when bringing a plaster chandelier into your space, making your search for “chandeliers near me” even more efficient.

Organic Chandelier

Organic Chandeliers

As more sustainably-conscious brands rise in the market, so does the demand for organic and natural materials. The desire to bring the outdoors in has gained more traction in the last few years, especially as Scandinavian and mid-century modern design styles sweep the nation with their simple lines and teak-stained furniture. If you’re also looking to bring that organic feel into your home, organic chandeliers can do just that with a little flair. 

When looking for “chandeliers near me” across the web, it can be challenging to find organic chandeliers that offer personality and spunk to a space, but Arteriors does this fabulously. This white, coral-inspired fixture is dramatic but relatively easy to incorporate into a space (in short, it’s fantastical and practical!). But we can’t talk about drama without discussing another stunning Arteriors piece, with its thin vine-like metal arms and sneakily unique black wooden dowels. 

Organic chandeliers are incredibly versatile, whether you’re looking for an option that capitalizes on natural materials or you want to imbue your space with a hint of the outdoors. 

Plant Inspired Lighting

Asymmetrical Plant-Inspired Chandeliers 

Our homes aren’t perfect places; sometimes, the rooms aren’t as tidy as we would hope, or everything is just a tad askew…but the beauty is that there’s no shame in that, and if you’re willing to embrace the unconventional, asymmetrical chandeliers can fuel that light-hearted energy in your home. Asymmetrical fixtures have become more popular recently, but an equally delightful sub-trend has emerged as well: asymmetrical plant-inspired chandeliers. 

These stunning chandeliers are every bit as whimsical as you might dream. For example, this golden asymmetrical beauty looks like it dropped straight out of the home of a Greek god or goddess and the delicately crafted leaves give an antique touch. On the other hand, this six light chandelier is the best of both worlds, embodying both plaster and asymmetry with its bold but effortless branches.

Glass/Metal Chandeliers 

On the other end of the spectrum from organic chandeliers lies unusual glass and metal chandeliers, and these quirky pieces can give modern and contemporary spaces an exciting new edge. Across various shapes and sizes, these stunning chandelier options will emphasize texture in a room, so this is a fantastic option for someone looking to play around with a range of materials and shapes rather than precise colors. 

Glass Chandelier

While some might imagine unique metal and glass chandeliers to bring a darker or more serious tone to a space, Hubbardton Forge offers a variety of options that can work with all kinds of aesthetics. This glass pendant, for example, works with softer edges and thin lines to create a more delicate feel, whereas this semi-flush pendant, which uses some of the same materials, might bring a darker, more striking visual to the center of a room. 

Let Your Eye for Design Lead the Way

Chandeliers can be such a fun and daring statement piece for any room, so when you search “chandeliers near me” in the Fort Collins area, check out our wide selection for inspiration, direction, and even installation! Your eye for design will guide you throughout the process, and with a bit of help from the brands we’ve discussed, we can find the perfect fixture that suits the personality and charm of your home. 

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