Unique and artistic home accents for personalized decor

When it comes to decorating a home, every person has their own tastes. You, for example, may prefer things like bookends and candlesticks, while someone else in your home wants to hang a mirror on the living room wall. At The Light Center in Fort Collins, we understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to home decor, and that’s why we offer a wide variety of accents and accessories.

Each room needs its own decor, and whether you’re updating your living room, bedroom, or home office, we can help you find the ideal options. Visit our online catalog today to build your wishlist or stop by our showroom on College Avenue!

Where to Begin?

This is often the first question that homeowners ask when it comes to choosing new decor. It’s usually good to begin with a piece that speaks to your personal tastes, whether that’s a vase, a clock, or a wall plaque. If you have a certain color in mind, such as something that will complement the room’s paint color, you can find accents that have that color. You may have a fondness for a certain texture or pattern, and as long as it sparks the design ideas in your mind, your new decor will be the perfect starting point for the entire room.

Avoid Over-Decorating

You may have several decorative pieces that you want to put in a room, and while that’s perfectly fine, you will want to make sure that you don’t over-decorate a space. Home accents should be just that — pieces that add accents in the right places, whether that’s on a shelf, a bookcase, or an end table.

If a room begins to feel cluttered with decor, then you may find that you don’t like spending as much time in there. A living room that’s over-decorated can feel more like a museum rather than a comfortable space where you can relax, and your bedroom can feel just right with minimal decor.

Using Decor With Lighting

Another aspect to keep in mind when choosing new decor is how it will work with your home’s lighting design. This is particularly important when it comes to mirrors and artwork with glass. Mirrors will reflect light around the room, so if you want a space to feel bigger than it actually is, then well-placed mirrors and the proper lighting can help you achieve that goal. For artwork that is framed with glass, you’ll want to make sure that any track lights or picture lights are positioned so that there’s no unwanted glare on the painting or photograph.

You can also match your table and floor lamps to your decor. Bookends and decorative boxes can look great next to a table lamp that has a related shape or finish, and you can create unity within a room by sticking to a similar color palette within your decor and lighting. However, you don’t want things to seem too monotone, so throwing in splashes of color can help improve the room’s appeal.

Shop With Us Today

If you’re looking for the perfect home decor, then let The Light Center help you discover new accents that will fit your personal tastes. We have items for every room in your home, and our staff will gladly answer your questions regarding any piece that you see online or in our Fort Collins showroom.

Above all, we want you to have a home that you’re proud of and that you enjoy living in every single day. Everything in it, from the decorations on the shelves to the lights on the ceiling, should play a part in how your house looks and feels, as well as how you like to spend your time in each room.

Visit us today to get started!

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