We have good news: the farmhouse style is here to stay. 

It’s been several years since the Joanna Gaines’ of the world suddenly appeared and took the world by shiplap-storm, and at first many of us wondered if this was simply a fad that would fade out as quickly as it came. But, the farmhouse-chic style is proving to stand the test of time and has made a huge impact on the modern world of interior design! This style isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we’re loving every minute of it. 

If you’ve been working to integrate the “elegant farmhouse” or “modern rustic” vibe into your home, we have one major tip for you: don’t forget about lighting! Selecting light fixtures that fit the farmhouse aesthetic sets the tone for the entire home, making the style feel effortless and natural rather than forced or inauthentic. We’ve rounded up some top picks for farmhouse-style lighting throughout the entire home to give you a kick-start on effectively updating your home! 

farmhouse style outdoor LED wall mount light minka-lavery
farmhouse style one light outdoor wall mount kichler
farmhouse style one light outdoor wall mount black by Kichler

Outdoor Lighting

Start the farmhouse vibes before your guests even get inside by selecting on-theme exterior lighting! Use lantern-style lights to frame exterior doors or line a large porch with a row of wall-mount lights that spark a little southern flair. Many people forget to take the exterior of their home into consideration during a remodel or style update, but it is truly so important since it sets the tone for your guests’ entire experience. Select finishes that complement your home’s exterior hardware (door handles, window panes, etc.) to create a cohesive look that impresses right from the get-go. 

farmhouse style matte black six light chandelier dining room lighting with edison bulbs
farmhouse style rustic six light chandelier dining room lighting
farmhouse style five light chandelier light wood finish dining room lighting

Dining Room Lighting

The dining room is your ultimate entertaining space, which means it’s your #1 opportunity to embrace and show off that rustic style! Go big and go bold with an impressive chandelier that highlights your dining room table and serves as a focal point for the room. One thing we love about the farmhouse style is that it’s so versatile and there are so many ways to spin it and make it your own – if you like traditional styles you can opt for a classic chandelier shape, go more industrial with a matte black metal fixture, or take it light and airy with a natural wood finish and unique shape. No matter your preference, select a fixture that makes a statement about YOU and your personality!

farmhouse style lighting bronze mini pendant
farmhouse style lighting three light flush mount kitchen lighting
farmhouse style lighting six light linear chandelier kitchen island lighting

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which also means it’s the heart of your home’s style! We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so get a little spunky and select lighting that makes you happy every time you flip the switch. For any kitchen, we love hanging pendant lights that not only provide well-rounded lighting but also almost act as mini-ornaments that decorate your kitchen! Select a pendant you like and hang two or three in a row above your kitchen island. If you are one of the lucky souls who have a BIG kitchen island, opt for a longer chandelier-type fixture that can serve as an anchor for a large prep space. Have a smaller kitchen? No problem! Find a flush-mount ceiling fixture that doesn’t take up overhead space but still fits with the farmhouse style with its rustic-looking finishes. 

farmhouse style lighting mason jar 3 light bathroom vanity light
farmhouse style matte black seeded glass one light wall sconce bathroom light
farmhouse style lighting matte black metal four light bathroom light

Bathroom Lighting

A well-designed bathroom is like the cherry on top of a beautiful home. Pick a stylish 2-, 3-, or 4-light bathroom fixture to go over your vanity that matches the farmhouse-style finishes that appear in the rest of your home. If you’re not a fan of vanity lights, try framing your bathroom mirror with a sconce on each side so you can still get that front-facing lighting that’s essential for getting ready in the mornings. 

farmhouse style bell shaped one light wall sconce bedroom lighting
farmhouse style glass and brass desk lamp
farmhouse style matte black 62 inch ceiling fan 3 blade

Bedroom Lighting

And finally, let’s dive into bedroom lighting. This is your sanctuary, so it’s essential to select fixtures that you not only enjoy but are functional, too! Ceiling fans are a bedroom must-have for many of us, and by picking a fan that is either matte black or has that rustic wood finish you can stay on-theme with the rest of your home. And of course, what’s a bedroom without good bedside lighting? There are endless farmhouse-style table lamps to choose from, or if you want to take a little spin on tradition, you can opt for a wall-mount light on each side of your bed – these are great options to get perfect lighting without taking up space on your bedside table! 

The farmhouse style can take on many different forms within your home and honestly, what’s not to love? This style pays tribute to the beauty of the past while incorporating modern-day luxury, and its timeless charm makes it a great style for any home. If you’re scratching your head trying to decide which farmhouse-esque lighting will work best in your home, reach out and let one of our lighting experts help you uplevel your home!

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