Create an outdoor lighting plan for Safety and security

It may only be the beginning of January, and for those in Northern Colorado, spending time outside might be the furthest thing from their minds. Even though the weather has been somewhat nice as of late, you likely won’t be spending evenings on the porch or in the backyard until at least the end of March or beginning of April.

However, your outdoor lighting needs to be in good working order all year round, and at The Light Center in Fort Collins, we can help you create a new plan for your property. Whether you’ve just moved into a house, or you’ve lived in the same place for years, it can be a good idea to update the exterior lights.

Creating the Right Atmosphere

The outside of your home is the first thing that people see when they come to visit. You want the exterior to project the right atmosphere and create the right ambience that make people feel welcome. The warm glow of a porch light can help you feel at ease when you arrive home at night, and proper lighting around the perimeter of the house will create that inviting touch that you want your home to have. Even as people drive by and see your house from the street, you want them to take notice of the design and architecture of your home.

Highlighting Your Landscaping

You spent a lot of time and energy (and likely money) to get your yard the way you wanted, complete with new sod, trees, bushes, and more. When the sun sets, you want to highlight your landscaping, and with outdoor lights in the proper places, you can accentuate your greenery. This can be especially effective in the spring and summer, when trees and bushes are in bloom. You may also have decorative elements in your yard, such as arches or stonework, and with the right lighting, you can enhance their beauty and appeal after dark.

Increasing Your Home Security

No outdoor lighting plan is complete without the proper security lighting. While you’ve worked to make your home inviting and appealing, it’s just as important to make sure that it’s safe. Can you see as you’re walking from the garage to the front door? Is it easy for people to approach your house without walking through spots that are illuminated? If you’re concerned about home security, then motion sensor lights and spotlights are essential to your exterior lighting plan. With fixtures in the right place, you and others will be able to see as you approach the house, and no one will be able to access your yard without causing lights to turn on.

If you’re planning to add new outdoor lights this spring, or you have lighting that needs to be replaced as soon as possible, then come to The Light Center right away. We have a great selection to choose from, and our staff are always happy to help however they can.

Visit our store today to get started. We look forward to meeting you!

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