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You use your bedroom lamps nearly every single day, whether it’s for reading before bed, relaxing on weekend mornings, or keeping the lights low while you unwind at the end of a long day. At The Light Center in Fort Collins, we know how important your bedroom lamps are, and if you’re thinking about replacing older fixtures that are beginning to look outdated, then we’re here to help. Our showroom boasts the latest bedroom lighting trends, and we’d love nothing more than to show you what we have in stock!

Deciding on a New Style

You may not have put a lot of thought into the style of bedroom lamps you wanted when you bought fixtures 10 to 15 years ago. However, you now have a better understanding of what you like and don’t like, and you want to make sure that you choose a lamp style that fits both the bedroom and your personal tastes.

Style can refer to the size, shape, and design of the lamp, as well as how it is presented within the room. Do you want a large lamp with a unique shade? Do you want a hanging lamp that comes down from the ceiling? Many homeowners opt for the traditional bedside table lamp, but you might have something different in mind. Swing-arm wall lamps can be a great choice, but remember that these will likely need to be wired into the wall, instead of simply plugged into an outlet near the bed.

How Many Lamps Do You Need?

The number of lamps you need can also play a part in what style you choose. If you have a single floor lamp that makes a statement with its size and design, then you might want table lamps that match it. You’ll also want to think about how much light you want your lamps to provide in the room, especially when the overhead light or ceiling fan isn’t on.

One floor lamp and two table lamps can be a good place to start. The floor lamp can be placed in a corner to provide ambient lighting whenever you need it, and you can put a table lamp on either side of the bed. Depending on the size and shape of your bedroom, you may want to add another lamp in a corner that doesn’t have another light source, such as a recessed can or a wall sconce.

Visit Our Showroom Today

Choosing new bedroom lamps doesn’t have to be challenging, and at The Light Center, our showroom staff is here to help every step of the way. Perhaps you’re remodeling your master bedroom and you want to add the perfect finishing touches with new lamps. We can show you what we have in stock and answer any questions you have about lighting styles, installation, and more.

Whenever you’re looking for new lighting in Northern Colorado, you can count on The Light Center to meet your every need. Visit us store in Fort Collins today to discover new lamps and much more!

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