Elegant table lamps with a classic design for sophisticated decor

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like it was missing something? You’re not sure if it’s a lack of furniture or perhaps decor on the walls, but you know that the space feels incomplete. At The Light Center in Fort Collins, we’ve found that when homeowners have this feeling about a room, it’s usually due to a lack of accent lighting. With new table lamps and floor lamps, you can make a room feel complete, since you’re illuminating the lower half of the space, highlighting your seating areas, entertaining areas, and all those areas where you “live.”

Living Room Lamps

The living room is where you sit and talk with friends, engage in conversation during parties, or when you’re alone, curl up with a good book. It’s important to have the appropriate lighting for your seating area, no matter if it’s made up of couches, chairs, or combination of both. The ceiling and wall lights can provide ambient lighting, but it’s the well-placed floor lamp that makes the area more comfortable and inviting. Whether you’re sitting and talking or sitting and reading, having closer, more intimate light can make all the difference.

Bedroom Lamps

The bedroom is another spot where you may sit and read at the end of the day. Without the proper bedside lamp, you can experience eye strain or have to deal with unwanted shadows from the overhead lighting. You may already have bedroom table lamps, but do you feel that they are easy to use and that they provide an adequate amount of light? Perhaps their style is a bit outdated and you want something more modern. The experts in our showroom can help you choose new lamps that suit your tastes.

Home Office Lamps

For those who work from home or who spend time in their home office paying bills or researching things online, the right desk lamp is key. However, have you thought about what other lamps could be used in your home office? Floor lamps in the corner next to the couch will add more accent lighting, and can double as task lighting when you take a break from computer work and sit on the couch to read for a few minutes.

Find New Lamps Today

Floor and table lamps can add so much to your home, without taking up a lot of space. While you may be limited on where you can place new lamps due to the location of your wall outlets, you should still be able to improve your overall lighting design with just a few fixtures. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, home office, or any other space, lamps can play a huge part in how the room feels and functions. Instead of only having the overhead lighting, you have more illumination for the middle and lower portions of the room, which is, of course, where you and your family are.

At The Light Center, we love helping people find new lamps for their home. If you live in Fort Collins or the surrounding area, then we hope you’ll visit our store and see what we have to offer.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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