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With summer fast approaching, make sure you are spending time sprucing up your backyard space! There are so many ways you can highlight your home’s exterior elements from lighting to plants and even landscape sculptures! We have put together our top local vendors in 2022 that can take your exterior from drab to fabulous just in time for summer parties! 

The Light Center

If you are looking to add a sophisticated feel (or some bonus property value!) to your outdoor space, lighting is key! We start with lighting simply because that’s our passion. Lighting today has grown so much beyond just a simple on/off switch. You can add a fan to cool off your space, a Bluetooth speaker lantern that allows you to project your favorite tunes or path/landscape lights that really highlight all of your beautiful scenery perfectly at night.

Want to spice up our property even further? Try adding some color-changing light tape to your exterior. This element can create such a fun atmosphere – perfect for your next summer party! Check out GM Lighting’s light tape. They offer a variety of different options and have something perfect for everyone! 

Local Nurseries and Shops

While the correct lighting can make a huge difference in your outdoor spaces, it’s nothing without the right plants and decor.  Below are some of our favorite shops around town that can help you create the exterior experience you have always wanted!

Fort Collins Nursery & Bath Garden Center

Some of our other favorite nurseries in the area are Bath Garden Center and Fort Collins Nursery. Both have been around for over 50 years and operate year-round, although summer is admittedly our favorite season. You’ll be surprised by all the fun gifts and backyard accessories you’ll be able to find while visiting! When the gardening bug hits us, we love paying them a visit – plus their experts are always available for questions. 

Outpost Sunsport 

We are thrilled that we have a business like Outpost Sunsport in Fort Collins! There is so much cheap, plastic yard furniture online these days that when you are looking for quality, it’s nice to know Outpost Sunsport is right down the street. The furniture and accessories at Outpost last for many years, we even have a set sitting on our patio today! The comfort level is outstanding and it’s guaranteed that colors won’t fade. 

Gulley Greenhouse

They truly “grow plants with love!” You can shop and order your favorite plants online or stop by to learn tips and tricks from their expert gardeners. Their staff will help you identify bug issues, suggest the best plant for your space, and much more!  Our favorite part? They even offer seasonal classes! 

Ace Hardware Downtown Fort Collins

We have two wonderful Ace Hardware’s in Fort Collins, one in Downtown and the other off Harmony. Both are owned by fantastic local families! Ace Hardware is one of those places that always surprises me by how many unique finds they really have – things we have never seen or heard of before. If you are looking for a grill, planting accessories, or fun extras for your patio, Ace really is the place! We are always amazed at all the things we can check off our list with one visit. 

Perennial Gardener

Every time we visit their store we are always amazed at how they decorate and arrange their space – there is something wonderful to see every which way you turn! This is a fun store to visit while you are strolling downtown. Even more so, when you are on the hunt for unique finds for your backyard, you can be sure to find something at Perennial Gardener! They have been a community staple for over 20 years and we have never seen the same items from season to season. 


Opened since 1971, Plantorium has been helping Fort Collins’ gardens for many years. All  of their plants are grown in Cold-Frames making  them naturally acclimated to the Colorado climate. You should have no risk of transplant shock when you take your plants home! They grow their plants with expert care and love! 

Fossil Creek Nursery 

Locally and family owned since 1969, Fossil Creek Nursery has everything you could ever need for your outdoor space this year. Their owners, Jack and Christine, run 15 acres of hillside property filled with greenhouses, landscape displays, and many plants to pick from. They truly care about helping you create the garden of your dreams!

If you’re ready to kick your outdoor spaces up a notch, stop by the Light Center or call us for a consultation! We wish you the best with all of your outdoor projects this summer! Tag us in your outdoor photos using @thelightcenter on Instagram – we can’t wait to see all of the unique spaces you create. 

40to in the area. 

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