In coordination with the bank's remodel, our team seamlessly integrated advanced lighting technology with the new architectural elements, skillfully achieving a harmonious balance of brightness and warmth in each area.
  • Project Redefining Banking Spaces with Light
  • Category Commercial
  • Clients First Western Trust Bank - Fort Collins

Redefining Banking Spaces with Light

First Western Trust Bank in Fort Collins

This ambitious endeavor encompasses a comprehensive lighting upgrade within the bank’s lobby, office spaces, and conference room.

The large statement light in the lobby is from Europhase and features aluminum and frosted halos generating a diffused LED glow in a Sand White finish.

This lighting refresh, seamlessly integrated with the bank’s remodeling efforts, has not only elevated the aesthetic appeal but also enhanced the functionality and energy efficiency of the entire space. First Western Trust Bank – Fort Collins now stands as a beacon of modernity and innovation, setting a new standard for the local banking industry.

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